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“Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people”.  -Abraham Lincoln-

My name is  Dr. Lent Carr, and I'm running for Raleigh City Council because I believe what we need in this pivotable time in our City's history is action now. We need to take action to create high‐quality job opportunities that will allow our children to raise the next generations here with an abundance of economic security. We need to take action to improve both our natural and designed environments by cleaning up the toxic messes left by our predecessors and then building a new economic base that coexists with our magnificent natural environment. We need to take action to expand our sales tax base through prosperity. It is through an expanded sales tax base that the City will be able to provide the essential public safety services of police and fire protection at the levels that keep us safe. The path that we are currently on has not led us to where we want to go. Our local businesses are closing and families are moving away because too many living wage jobs have disappeared. With every one of those families that moves away, there is a detrimental impact to the city's sales tax revenue base, resulting in City Hall’s shrinking ability to provide important services, such as public safety.

Raleigh needs a new approach. We begin on the premise that our city government exists to serve the public, not the other way around. Our interface with city government needs to be simplified, and geared toward treating citizens like good customers. Under my leadership, the city will greet appropriate new businesses that provide living wage jobs with welcoming and open arms, and treat existing businesses with appreciation for the contributions that they make to our local economy.

There is no question that our economic landscape has changed. The industries that built this fine city no longer provide the jobs that they once did. As we look toward the future we need to consider new possibilities, and those possibilities do abound if we can build consensus and seize the opportunities. Some of these new opportunities include the development of our newly proposed railway operations, wave generation of electricity, niche manufacturing, and the development of our green jobs' initiatives into the bustling jewel of the East Coast.

I’ve studied many of the key issues facing Southeast Raleigh. My decisions have been based on a careful analysis of all sides to find common ground. I will bring the same thoughtful process to City Hall. Many believe District C has divided into two political camps. "The Old Political Guard" and "The Future Political Guard." Of course such division has come about because as the younger generation believes; the old political guard leaders have left them behind and unprepared to adequately take over the reigns of Southeast politics.  I hope to be a bridge bringing both sides together for the good of our community. My goal is to encourage common sense governance, consensus building and calm decision-making.If you share my vision of a new Raleigh where families can flourish and City Hall works for the people, please cast your vote for Dr. Lent Carr for Raleigh City Council.